Don’t do number 1 if you don’t want to but if you want to knock yourself out or you can just to number three and call it a day

Accepted Solution

Hello there!3: (12 + x) ÷ 3 or [tex]\frac{12 + x}{3}[/tex] 1: $6.30To solve 3, look at the parts of the question."The quotient of.." means you are dividing."12 increased by a number" means you are adding a certain number to 12, which can be modeled by 12 + x."Divided by 3" Means the previous phrase, or 12 + x, is being divided by 3. You can model the equation as: (12 + x) ÷ 3 or [tex]\frac{12 + x}{3}[/tex].To solve 1, find the unit rate for the cost per bag of ice.$3.60 / 4 bags = $0.90 a bag.Now, multiply the unit rate by the number you are trying to find (7).$0.90 x 7 = $6.30. This is your final answer. I hope this was helpful, and have a great rest of your day! If you need more help with these specific questions let me know in the comments! ~ Saturns