Geometry would be used in all the flowing except1.Checking the foundation of a building 2.Measuring the ingredients for concrete 3. Design the construction of a bridge 4. The creating of a stained glass window

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option: 2 is correct.( 2. Measuring the ingredients for concrete Β )Step-by-step explanation:" As we know that Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with shape, size, line, angles and relative position.Also Architecture begins with geometry "1. checking the foundation of a building4. The creating of a stained glass window ( since the design on the window may be any geometrical design)3. To design a bridge (since in designing a bridge the angle is very essential i.e. at which angle the bridge will stand).Hence, the correct option is: 2.Measuring the ingredients for concrete.( since ingredients has nothing to do with geometry)